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Overseas Service and Door to Door Training

Professional overseas service and door to door training are offered by MORN after-sales team with 12years experience. Overseas service, technical training, machine maintenance, test and technology upgrade are all available.

Standardization, Scale Production and Line Production

All MORN fiber laser cutting machines adopt standardized production, each part has a standard model, and each wire has marks, to facilitate machine operation, parts replacement and maintenance. Also this can better help customers solve problems in time.

Big Brand Components Adopted to Ensure High Quality and Safety

Taiwan YYC Grinding Rack and PMI Guide Rail
  • Taiwan YYCgrinding rack is more durable and accurate for a longer service life.
  • PMIguide rail is a well-known brand in Taiwan. It cooperates with YYC rack to make the machine move precisely and rapidly on the guide rail.
IPG, nLIGHT and Raycus Lasers
  • With higher cutting accuracy and result, IPG laser generatorcan also work well inpoor working environment in which dust, vibration, humidity and temperature fluctuate.
  • Raycus laser generator is China’s best laser brand withstable performance and cost-effective cutting work.
  • nLIGHT laser generator has wider applications, from common metals (stainless steel, carbon steel…) to nonferrous metals (copper, gold…).

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